Falls Prevention Awareness

Fall Prevention Awareness Day 2019 Events

With your hard work and dedication to improving the health and safety of the older adult population, Pennsylvania’s contribution to national Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2019 was impressive, with physical therapy providers contributing significantly to the effort. A conservative estimate of the total number of older Pennsylvanians and/or their caregivers reached through APTA Pennsylvania's FPAD efforts is 1,200.

The first day of Fall is designated Falls Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD) by the National Council on Aging (NCOA).

The APTA Pennsylvania is inspiring members to collaborate with their local communities and at-risk older adults and hold a local 'event' on FPAD or anytime throughout the month of September:

  • to promote activity and movement.
  • to identify physical therapy professionals as the preferred provider to lead fall prevention efforts.
  • to provide resources for consumers to connect with physical therapists, assistants and students.
  • to provide resources for APTA PA members to partner for sustainable outcomes.

APTA Pennsylvania Leading the Way Webinar Recording

Kick off Falls Prevention Awareness by viewing the 2019 APTA Pennsylvania Leading the Way - Fall Prevention Awareness Day webinar recording (recording starts at 4:57). Please note: only those who attended the live webinar will receive contact hours.

Falls Prevention Awareness Day Toolkit

The toolkit provides a “one-stop shop” for every member to do their part to advocate and raise awareness on or around Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Get involved, plan an event, and do your part to transform society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience!