Practice and Research Committee

The Practice and Research Committee assist the membership in understanding, complying with, and utilizing the PA Physical Therapy Practice Act and serves as a resource for research activities, processes, and education for the membership.

The committee does this by assisting the membership in understanding, complying with, and utilizing the Physical Therapy Practice Act. Also, the committee serves as a resource to the board of directors and the membership in providing assistance to support best clinical practice within the state of Pennsylvania. We are made up of committee members chosen by the board of a directors with a chair appointed with representation from members across the PPTA.

If you have a clinical practice related question, please contact the Practice and Research Committee Chair, Kara Kobal, and your question will be forwarded to the appropriate resource person by the committee. The practice Committee may, at times, post questions and responses on the web site or in the newsletter when a topic seems particularly relevant or has been asked multiple times. The questioner's identity would not be revealed in such a format.

Committee Members

Kara Kobal
Chair of the Practice & Research Committee
Term: 1/1/17-12/31/19
[email protected]
Claire Child
[email protected]
Brooke Klatt
[email protected]
Alexis Del Palazzo (Student Member)
  Sean Sebeck
[email protected]
Mark Drnach
[email protected]